List of AMD A processors

The AMD A family of processors is a CPU family from AMD. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of AMD A processors released to date.

List of AMD A processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
5211579AMD A10-7850K44
5181566AMD A10-7870K24
5141550AMD A10-7860K44
5431509AMD A10-6800K44
4951502AMD A10-970044
5181500AMD A12-980044
5181476AMD A10-670044
5181454AMD A10-5800K24
4951452AMD A10-780044
4771441AMD A8-865044
4851439AMD A8-7650K44
5201428AMD A8-6600K44
4941418AMD A10 PRO-7800B44
4691399AMD A8-960044
5051396AMD A10 PRO-7850B44
4861378AMD A8 PRO-7600B44
4461378AMD A10-875044
4771364AMD PRO A10-8770E44
5151363AMD A10-6790K44
4701358AMD A8-760044
4931350AMD A8-650044
4061341AMD PRO A10-9700E44
4831335AMD A8-5600K44
3951323AMD A8-387044
4951319AMD A8-6500B44
4401313AMD PRO A8-8650B44
4331295AMD A10-9630P44
4491291AMD PRO A10-8750B44
4731287AMD A10-570044
4531277AMD A8-5500B44
3841239AMD A8-385044
3611224AMD A6-367044
4421214AMD A8-550044
4161210AMD A12-9730P44
3541206AMD A6-365044
3501204AMD A8-382044
3301144AMD A8-380044
4041101AMD A12-9720P44
4481094AMD A10-5800B44
4361078AMD A10-6700T44
3091065AMD A6-360044
3731043AMD A10-9620P44
3801041AMD PRO A12-8830B44
3651041AMD A8-5557M44
3871032AMD PRO A12-9800B44
3791020AMD A8-7200P44
3051013AMD A6-362044
3721012AMD A10-7400P44
4051011AMD PRO A10-8730B44
3621010AMD A10-9600P44
392982AMD A10-5750M44
350954AMD A10-8700P44
366952AMD A10-4600M44
336947AMD PRO A8-9600B44
279939AMD A8-3530MX44
344927AMD PRO A10-8700B44
364911AMD A10-5757M44
345911AMD PRO A12-8800B44
331878AMD A8-5550M44
305865AMD A10 PRO-7350B44
267824AMD A8-3520M44
310815AMD A10-5745M44
306813AMD A8-4500M44
306805AMD A10-730044
500799AMD A4-730022
254787AMD A8-3500M44
477784AMD PRO A6-950022
288783AMD A10-4655M44
313773AMD PRO A8-8600B44
261767AMD A8-741044
460764AMD A6-950022
450752AMD A6-7400K12
241747AMD A6-3400M44
263745AMD A6-3420M44
254738AMD A8-641044
287735AMD A8-710044
288734AMD A8-5545M44
453732AMD A6-6400K22
249730AMD A6-731044
289728AMD A6-350033
449726AMD A6-5400B22
440698AMD A4-630022
237697AMD A6-631044
441689AMD A6-5400K22
238689AMD A4 Pro-3350B44
252688AMD A8 PRO-7150B44
245681AMD A6-3410MX44
216678A4 PRO-3340B44
238675AMD A4-721044
220670AMD A6-520044
253650AMD A8-4555M44
399640AMD A6 PRO-7400B22
199638AMD A4-621044
410633AMD A4-402022
411625AMD A4-530022
389619AMD A4-400022
315574AMD A4-342022
175569AMD A4-500044
372568AMD A4-5300B22
315549AMD A4-340022
332511AMD A6-921022
290507AMD A4-330022
344504AMD A6-4400M22
287500AMD A4-3330MX22
314478AMD A4-4300M22
340476AMD A6-5350M22
316472AMD A9-942522
153462AMD A6-145044
280452AMD A6-922522
250448AMD A4-3300M22
249439AMD A4-3305M22
250381AMD A6-4455M22
236355AMD A4-4355M22
116203AMD A4-125022
List of AMD A processors