List of AMD E processors

The AMD E family of processors is a CPU family from AMD. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of AMD E processors released to date.

List of AMD E processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
203644AMD E2-711044
166509AMD E2-611044
155490AMD E2-380044
277432AMD E2-320022
246431AMD E2-3000M22
153277AMD E1-250022
145266AMD E2-200022
142257AMD E2-180022
140252AMD E1-701022
138248AMD E1-601022
140247AMD E1-601522
132239AMD E-45022
130239AMD E-35022
117219AMD E1-120022
115209AMD E1-150022
106187AMD E1-210022
103187AMD E-30022
List of AMD E processors