List of AMD FX processors

The AMD FX family of processors is a CPU family from AMD. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of AMD FX processors released to date.

List of AMD FX processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
6363100AMD FX-959088
5862820AMD FX-937088
5662765AMD FX-835088
5632720AMD FX-837088
5252494AMD FX-832088
5272408AMD FX-830088
5072368AMD FX-815088
5162360AMD FX-831048
5052323AMD FX-8320E88
4782105AMD FX-812088
5502082AMD FX-635066
5201912AMD FX-630066
5001908AMD FX-620036
5181899AMD FX-612036
4621712AMD FX-610066
5781611AMD FX-433024
5431519AMD FX-435044
5461494AMD FX - 432024
5001465AMD FX - 770K24
5081457AMD FX-417024
5151414AMD FX-430044
4771374AMD FX-9830P44
4701308AMD FX-410044
4631307AMD FX-413044
4111154AMD FX-8800P44
4021110AMD FX-7600P44
3701039AMD FX-9800P44
334868AMD FX-750044
List of AMD FX processors