List of Intel Celeron processors

The Intel Celeron family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Celeron processors released to date.

List of Intel Celeron processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
4361420Intel Celeron J412544
7011305Intel Celeron G490022
6731262Intel Celeron G390022
6821261Intel Celeron G393022
3911255Intel Celeron J410544
6211160Intel Celeron G3900T22
3781115Intel Celeron N410044
5581017Intel Celeron G184022
291991Intel Celeron J345544
533991Intel Celeron G182022
523930Intel Celeron G1840T22
483906Intel Celeron G162022
274896Intel Celeron N345044
478875Intel Celeron G161022
442832Intel Celeron 3865U22
436803Intel Celeron G55022
457798Intel Celeron 3955U22
427781Intel Celeron J400522
425778Intel Celeron G53022
431758Intel Celeron N402022
406729Intel Celeron G54022
216712Intel Celeron J190044
385694Intel Celeron 3855U22
361688Intel Celeron 3965Y22
390688Intel Celeron N400022
357685Intel Celeron 3215U22
331684Intel Celeron G1610T22
202664Intel Celeron N294044
197653Intel Celeron N315044
193651Intel Celeron N293044
348650Intel Celeron 1005M22
344640Intel Celeron 1000M22
205636Intel Celeron N316044
201635Intel Celeron J316044
320610Intel Celeron 3205U22
324600Intel Celeron B84022
324598Intel Celeron 1037U22
310579Intel Celeron J335522
307568Intel Celeron B83022
289540Intel Celeron 1017U22
292538Intel Celeron B82022
279528Intel Celeron 1007U22
292522Intel Celeron P460022
286521Intel Celeron N335022
285516Intel Celeron 2955U22
303515Intel Celeron E340022
279507Intel Celeron B81522
270481Intel Celeron B80022
276471Intel Celeron E330022
249442Intel Celeron 88722
247434Intel Celeron T350022
244431Intel Celeron 87722
222384Intel Celeron T310022
214384Intel Celeron N284022
218379Intel Celeron T300022
202365Intel Celeron N283022
206358Intel Celeron J306022
184344Intel Celeron 84722
183337Intel Celeron N305022
197336Intel Celeron N282022
191333Intel Celeron 847E22
180332Intel Celeron N300022
187314Intel Celeron N280722
180314Intel Celeron N301022
164290Intel Celeron SU230022
159269Intel Celeron N281522
146259Intel Celeron N281022
158244Intel Celeron T140022
228238Intel Celeron 90011
148153Intel Celeron 43011
List of Intel Celeron processors