List of Intel Core i3 processors

The Intel Core i3 family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Core i3 processors released to date.

List of Intel Core i3 processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
12264720Intel Core i3-1032048
11784556Intel Core i3-1030048
12774178Intel Core i3-9350KF44
10944044Intel Core i3-10100F48
10994015Intel Core i3-1010048
11783884Intel Core i3-8350K44
11653790Intel Core i3-1125G448
9373346Intel Core i3-10100T48
10623297Intel Core i3-910044
9623248Intel Core i3-8100B44
10373199Intel Core i3-9100F44
9533070Intel Core i3-830044
9443021Intel Core i3-810044
9272834Intel Core i3-9100T44
12262713Intel Core i3-7350K24
8162651Intel Core i3-8100T44
11742451Intel Core i3-1115G424
10202264Intel Core i3-730024
10092251Intel Core i3-632024
9412065Intel Core i3-630024
9372043Intel Core i3-710024
8962043Intel Core i3-8109U24
9912012Intel Core i3-1005G124
9571967Intel Core i3-10110U24
8941963Intel Core i3-610024
8841904Intel Core i3-436024
8631881Intel Core i3-6098P24
8481881Intel Core i3-7100T24
8551861Intel Core i3-435024
7991858Intel Core i3-8121U24
8501847Intel Core i3-437024
8341800Intel Core i3-433024
7861732Intel Core i3-6100T24
7991718Intel Core i3-417024
8011714Intel Core i3-434024
7941707Intel Core i3-416024
7741647Intel Core i3-415024
6921630Intel Core i3-6100H24
8711604Intel Core i3-1000NG424
7361599Intel Core i3-413024
7521591Intel Core i3-8130U24
7191565Intel Core i3-4170T24
7741532Intel Core i3-8145U24
6821519Intel Core i3-4160T24
6661507Intel Core i3-4150T24
6511473Intel Core i3-4130T24
6491444Intel Core i3-7130U24
6091415Intel Core i3-6157U24
6171410Intel Core i3-324524
6181388Intel Core i3-322524
6041376Intel Core i3-212524
6201375Intel Core i3-325024
6181374Intel Core i3-324024
5971328Intel Core i3-322024
5861327Intel Core i3-213024
5731305Intel Core i3-7100U24
5631285Intel Core i3-6100U24
5751272Intel Core i3-321024
5601251Intel Core i3-212024
5431228Intel Core i3-7020U24
5221198Intel Core i3-3240T24
5351196Intel Core i3-210024
5571193Intel Core i3-4100M24
5191170Intel Core i3-210524
5171165Intel Core i3-3220T24
5131139Intel Core i3-5020U24
5081127Intel Core i3-4000M24
5041126Intel Core i3-3130M24
4891125Intel Core i3-56024
4811103Intel Core i3-5157U24
4811096Intel Core i3-6006U24
4671063Intel Core i3-2120T24
4721058Intel Core i3-5015U24
4711057Intel Core i3-55024
4681048Intel Core i3-5010U24
4511023Intel Core i3-3120M24
4441002Intel Core i3-54024
445999Intel Core i3-5005U24
412976Intel Core i3-4025U24
428967Intel Core i3-3110M24
423953Intel Core i3-53024
421945Intel Core i3-4030U24
403881Intel Core i3-2370M24
374851Intel Core i3-4010U24
374850Intel Core i3-4005U24
385838Intel Core i3-2350M24
361817Intel Core i3-390M24
379812Intel Core i3-2348M24
372808Intel Core i3-2330M24
364801Intel Core i3-2328M24
358800Intel Core i3-2310M24
341787Intel Core i3-3227U24
357770Intel Core i3-380M24
323768Intel Core i3-4020Y24
326750Intel Core i3-3217U24
339738Intel Core i3-370M24
327731Intel Core i3-350M24
297670Intel Core i3-330M24
271626Intel Core i3-2377M24
246578Intel Core i3-2375M24
247576Intel Core i3-2365M24
246560Intel Core i3-3229Y24
244555Intel Core i3-2367M24
209476Intel Core i3-380UM24
187440Intel Core i3-330UM24
List of Intel Core i3 processors