List of Intel Core i5 processors

The Intel Core i5 family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Core i5 processors released to date.

List of Intel Core i5 processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
16948052Intel Core i5-11600K612
16777925Intel Core i5-11600KF612
16287328Intel Core i5-11600612
15747126Intel Core i5-11500612
13147052Intel Core i5-10600KF612
15157021Intel Core i5-11400612
14806965Intel Core i5-11400F612
13116953Intel Core i5-10600K612
13766224Intel Core i5-11260H612
12396151Intel Core i5-10600612
14126066Intel Core i5-11400H612
11745799Intel Core i5-10500612
11115739Intel Core i5-10400F612
12525684Intel Core i5-9600KF66
11095607Intel Core i5-10400612
12425581Intel Core i5-9600K66
12175509Intel Core i5-8600K66
11985043Intel Core i5-960066
11214866Intel Core i5-860066
10594684Intel Core i5-8500B66
11184635Intel Core i5-950066
10594588Intel Core i5-850066
10604581Intel Core i5-9400F66
10504539Intel Core i5-940066
10394533Intel Core i5-840066
13464514Intel Core i5-1145G748
13264464Intel Core i5-11300H48
12644229Intel Core i5-1135G748
11164199Intel Core i5-1038NG748
12084013Intel Core i5-7640X44
9404005Intel Core i5-9500T66
10083851Intel Core i5-8279U48
8803825Intel Core i5-8500T66
9493794Intel Core i5-8259U48
11593773Intel Core i5-7600K44
10633756Intel Core i5-10300H48
9503697Intel Core i5-8257U48
10133631Intel Core i5-5675C44
11003614Intel Core i5-6600K44
9763602Intel Core i5-9300HF48
8283546Intel Core i5-8400T66
9253326Intel Core i5-8400H48
10323322Intel Core i5-760044
9513320Intel Core i5-9300H48
9393282Intel Core i5-8300H48
12433243Intel Core i5-1145G7E48
9913227Intel Core i5-4690K44
9573116Intel Core i5-4670K44
9573110Intel Core i5-660044
8093090Intel Core i5-8305G48
9593062Intel Core i5-750044
9552986Intel Core i5-10210U48
9142943Intel Core i5-469044
9182935Intel Core i5-7600T44
8952908Intel Core i5-650044
8942887Intel Core i5-467044
8302866Intel Core i5-5575R44
8292846Intel Core i5-5675R44
8932819Intel Core i5-6600T44
8722819Intel Core i5-459044
8962812Intel Core i5-4690S44
8802809Intel Core i5-740044
8342792Intel Core i5-3570K44
8532769Intel Core i5-2550K44
8612754Intel Core i5-4590S44
8732751Intel Core i5-7440HQ44
8402722Intel Core i5-457044
8562685Intel Core i5-4670S44
8312684Intel Core i5-7500T44
8302654Intel Core i5-640044
9622651Intel Core i5-1030NG748
8312642Intel Core i5-7300HQ44
8282641Intel Core i5-4570S44
8212632Intel Core i5-6440HQ44
7932605Intel Core i5-2500K44
8032574Intel Core i5-446044
7952574Intel Core i5-6402P44
8162543Intel Core i4-4690T44
7732527Intel Core i5-357044
7572522Intel Core i5-355044
7882519Intel Core i5-6500TE44
7782477Intel Core i5-6500T44
7702452Intel Core i5-444044
7022448Intel Core i5-4570R44
7652434Intel Core i5-7400T44
7492428Intel Core i5-443044
6382419Intel Core i5-8365U48
7322412Intel Core i5-347044
7722390Intel Core i5-4460S44
7522390Intel Core i5-3570S44
7342385Intel Core i5-6300HQ44
7192357Intel Core i5-345044
7532324Intel Core i5-4670T44
6882322Intel Core i5-3550S44
7112264Intel Core i5-3470S44
6822250Intel Core i5-334044
7092246Intel Core i5-3475S44
6732237Intel Core i5-3350P44
7002222Intel Core i5-250044
6632198Intel Core i5-3570T44
6972185Intel Core i5-4590T44
7172184Intel Core i5-4430S44
6902183Intel Core i5-6400T44
6542167Intel Core i5-3335S44
6972165Intel Core i5-3450S44
6582128Intel Core i5-240044
6542126Intel Core i5-333044
6502046Intel Core i5-3340S44
6332042Intel Core i5-232044
6312037Intel Core i5-3330S44
8811993Intel Core i5-7360U24
8311981Intel Core i5-7267U24
6161969Intel Core i5-231044
6001963Intel Core i5-230044
7641921Intel Core i5-8250U48
8281908Intel Core i5-7260U24
6441890Intel Core i5-2500S44
6191877Intel Core i5-4460T44
5921802Intel Core i5-2405S44
8101797Intel Core i5-6287U24
5891769Intel Core i5-2400S44
7621707Intel Core i5-5287U24
7571671Intel Core i5-4308U24
7271664Intel Core i5-6267U24
7811652Intel Core i5-4570T24
7591621Intel Core i5-L16G755
5101616Intel Core i5-76044
6971594Intel Core i5-6360U24
6961581Intel Core i5-4340M24
4931560Intel Core i5-75044
7091555Intel Core i5-4200H24
6831546Intel Core i5-6260U24
6871536Intel Core i5-4278U24
7061532Intel Core i5-4310M24
7121518Intel Core i5-4210H24
6921510Intel Core i5-4300M24
6921497Intel Core i5-5257U24
6901492Intel Core i5-4210M24
6981472Intel Core i5-4288U24
6721456Intel Core i5-5350U24
7401447Intel Core i5-8210Y24
6401434Intel Core i5-3380M24
6221416Intel Core i5-4258U24
6271382Intel Core i5-4200M24
6211377Intel Core i5-3360M24
6281372Intel Core i5-3470T24
6051321Intel Core i5-5300U24
5531321Intel Core i5-6200U24
5981319Intel Core i5-6300U24
5831301Intel Core i5-3340M24
5831298Intel Core i5-3320M24
6151264Intel Core i5-2390T24
5841263Intel Core i5-4310U24
5811262Intel Core i5-5250U24
5671250Intel Core i5-3230M24
5501244Intel Core i5-68024
5851240Intel Core i5-4300U24
5321238Intel Core i5-655K24
5541232Intel Core i5-3210M24
5691227Intel Core i5-5200U24
5541204Intel Core i5-2540M24
5641199Intel Core i5-4260U24
5291191Intel Core i5-66024
5331170Intel Core i5-2520M24
5451146Intel Core i5-4210U24
5311146Intel Core i5-4250U24
5271146Intel Core i5-2435M24
5101141Intel Core i5-65024
5281120Intel Core i5-4200U24
5201117Intel Core i5-2450M24
4921098Intel Core i5-3427U24
5041079Intel Core i5-2430M24
4941068Intel Core i5-2410M24
4791067Intel Core i5-66124
4801055Intel Core i5-3337U24
4711050Intel Core i5-3437U24
4511025Intel Core i5-2415M24
4601016Intel Core i5-3317U24
452978Intel Core i5-580M24
441927Intel Core i5-560M24
410913Intel Core i5-2557M24
412891Intel Core i5-540M24
395862Intel Core i5-520M24
399856Intel Core i5-480M24
400846Intel Core i5-3339Y24
384827Intel Core i5-460M24
424817Intel Core i5-4210Y24
381817Intel Core i5-450M24
349780Intel Core i5-430M24
354761Intel Core i5-2467M24
382759Intel Core i5-4202Y24
469728Intel Core i5-4300Y24
341643Intel Core i5-2537M24
174382Intel Core i5-470UM24
List of Intel Core i5 processors