List of Intel Core i7 processors

The Intel Core i7 family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Core i7 processors released to date.

List of Intel Core i7 processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
17109886Intel Core i7-11700KF816
17099858Intel Core i7-11700K816
11649019Intel Core i7-9800X816
9488963Intel Core i7-6950X1020
13398873Intel Core i7-10700K816
16358870Intel Core i7-11700816
13248627Intel Core i7-10700KF816
16048464Intel Core i7-11700F816
11048386Intel Core i7-7820X816
15038159Intel Core i7-11800H816
12597785Intel Core i7-10700F816
9857691Intel Core i7-6900K816
12607668Intel Core i7-10700816
9297205Intel Core i7-5960X816
12827197Intel Core i7-9700K88
12867148Intel Core i7-9700KF88
13186973Intel Core i7-8086K612
11996927Intel Core i7-10875H816
11686658Intel Core i7-10870H816
12526560Intel Core i7-8700K612
12076493Intel Core i7-9700F88
11986400Intel Core i7-970088
11085996Intel Core i7-7800X612
11565814Intel Core i7-8700612
9905776Intel Core i7-6850K612
11675660Intel Core i7-8700B612
9345622Intel Core i7-5930K612
9305575Intel Core i7-6800K612
11375447Intel Core i7-10750H612
9085433Intel Core i7-5820K612
11555375Intel Core i7-10850H612
10615210Intel Core i7-9700T88
14925178Intel Core i7-11375H48
8364970Intel Core i7-4960X612
10824929Intel Core i7-9850H612
10474899Intel Core i7-9750H612
14254893Intel Core i7-1185G748
10334875Intel Core i7-8700T612
7944826Intel Core i7-4930K612
14564822Intel Core i7-11370H48
8004807Intel Core i7-3970X612
12534789Intel Core i7-7740X48
12164677Intel Core i7-7700K48
7984606Intel Core i7-3960X612
13974567Intel Core i7-1165G748
7644518Intel Core i7-3930K612
9794503Intel Core i7-8750H612
10054500Intel Core i7-8850H612
12384494Intel Core i7-1068NG748
11384436Intel Core i7-6700K48
13844141Intel Core i7-1185G7E48
10284108Intel Core i7-5775C48
11404057Intel Core i7-8569U48
10673995Intel Core i7-8559U48
10453981Intel Core i7-770048
10433946Intel Core i7-8809G48
10583942Intel Core i7-4790K48
9933855Intel Core i7-7820HK48
8793772Intel Core i7-5775R48
9693751Intel Core i7-670048
6763733Intel Core i7-990X612
9733682Intel Core i7-4770K48
9513668Intel Core i7-7920HQ48
9533566Intel Core i7-7820HQ48
9083563Intel Core i7-6820HK48
9493545Intel Core i7-8705G48
9843500Intel Core i7-4910MQ48
9463496Intel Core i7-7700T48
9353473Intel Core i7-479048
8743464Intel Core i7-6920HQ48
6493443Intel Core i7-980X612
9133428Intel Core i7-4960HQ48
9213413Intel Core i7-477148
9113379Intel Core i7-477048
9163371Intel Core i7-4770R48
9243369Intel Core i7-4940MX48
7983359Intel Core i7-4820K48
8513339Intel Core i7-3770K48
8913325Intel Core i7-6700TE48
9113278Intel Core i7-4790S48
8883276Intel Core i7-6700T48
8933257Intel Core i7-8557U48
5803238Intel Core i7-970612
8513210Intel Core i7-7700HQ48
8603170Intel Core i7-4770S48
8183135Intel Core i7-6820HQ48
8503125Intel Core i7-4870HQ48
8103125Intel Core i7-2600K48
8023125Intel Core i7-4850HQ48
7333119Intel Core i7-382048
9943101Intel Core i7-10510U48
8803100Intel Core i7-4930MX48
8623094Intel Core i7-4980HQ48
7993074Intel Core i7-377048
7943064Intel Core i7-6700HQ48
7873046Intel Core i7-4770HQ48
7953028Intel Core i7-3940XM48
8463026Intel Core i7-4900MQ48
7963016Intel Core i7-2700K48
8253007Intel Core i7-6770HQ48
8772991Intel Core i7-4790T48
8362965Intel Core i7-4810MQ48
7652947Intel Core i7-4860HQ48
7482912Intel Core i7-3840QM48
8302902Intel Core i7-5700HQ48
8032893Intel Core i7-4800MQ48
8282889Intel Core i7-4770T48
7652888Intel Core i7-3770S48
7702857Intel Core i7-4712MQ48
10102815Intel Core i7-1060NG748
7202772Intel Core i7-3820QM48
7892770Intel Core i7-4720HQ48
7562749Intel Core i7-4785T48
7262737Intel Core i7-260048
7552730Intel Core i7-4700HQ48
7042719Intel Core i7-3720QM48
9272712Intel Core i7-8650U48
7262704Intel Core i7-4750HQ48
7542691Intel Core i7-4710MQ48
7602688Intel Core i7-4710HQ48
7162652Intel Core i7-4702HQ48
6912644Intel Core i7-3770T48
7472641Intel Core i7-4700MQ48
6742586Intel Core i7-3740QM48
7202572Intel Core i7-4702MQ48
6762532Intel Core i7-4765T48
6422502Intel Core i7-3615QM48
6442494Intel Core i7-3630QM48
6122449Intel Core i7-97548
6702444Intel Core i7-4712HQ48
6392441Intel Core i7-3635QM48
6192438Intel Core i7-3610QM48
7652425Intel Core i7-8665U48
6372356Intel Core i7-4700EQ48
6712353Intel Core i7-2960XM48
5842338Intel Core i7-96548
8042327Intel Core i7-8565U48
6692323Intel Core i7-2600S48
6072313Intel Core i7-3632QM48
6012298Intel Core i7-3612QM48
5572269Intel Core i7-875K48
6402217Intel Core i7-2860QM48
9542171Intel Core i7-7567U24
6012169Intel Core i7-2820QM48
6502165Intel Core i7-2920XM48
5452134Intel Core i7-96048
6202123Intel Core i7-2760QM48
5302101Intel Core i7-95048
5462059Intel Core i7-87048
5132005Intel Core i7-94048
8782000Intel Core i7-7660U24
5442000Intel Core i7-2720QM48
4901937Intel Core i7-93048
5381923Intel Core i7-2670QM48
5121905Intel Core i7-86048
4771891Intel Core i7-92048
8491887Intel Core i7-6567U24
5241872Intel Core i7-2630QM48
8411823Intel Core i7-7560U24
4701802Intel Core i7-2635QM48
7651764Intel Core i7-6650U24
7411753Intel Core i7-6660U24
7741736Intel Core i7-5557U24
4761697Intel Core i7-2675QM48
7591680Intel Core i7-4558U24
7061641Intel Core i7-6560U24
7621631Intel Core i7-4600M24
7611622Intel Core i7-4610M24
4631595Intel Core i7-940XM48
7141535Intel Core i7-4578U24
7011535Intel Core i7-5650U24
6771492Intel Core i7-5600U24
6431433Intel Core i7-3540M24
6371409Intel Core i7-3520M24
6451385Intel Core i7-5500U24
6381331Intel Core i7-4510U24
4131316Intel Core i7-920XM48
6381310Intel Core i7-4600U24
5931283Intel Core i7-2640M24
3951267Intel Core i7-740QM48
5821266Intel Core i7-2620M24
6071264Intel Core i7-4500U24
4001263Intel Core i7-840QM48
6341234Intel Core i7-4650U24
5721230Intel Core i7-3667U24
5551228Intel Core i7-3537U24
3871180Intel Core i7-820QM48
3601140Intel Core i7-720QM48
5201123Intel Core i7-3687U24
5031117Intel Core i7-3517U24
470991Intel Core i7-640M24
461974Intel Core i7-620M24
441946Intel Core i7-2637M24
475929Intel Core i7-2677M24
400819Intel Core i7-640LM24
410778Intel Core i7-620LM24
183373Intel Core i7-640UM24
List of Intel Core i7 processors