List of Intel Core i9 processors

The Intel Core i9 family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Core i9 processors released to date.

List of Intel Core i9 processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
116715957Intel Core i9-10980XE1836
112715294Intel Core i9-9980XE1836
111215007Intel Core i9-7980XE1836
111514355Intel Core i9-7960X1632
110714226Intel Core i9-9960X1632
116213902Intel Core i9-9940X1428
115613221Intel Core i9-10940X1428
111912837Intel Core i9-7940X1428
119812670Intel Core i9-10920X1224
110211861Intel Core i9-7920X1224
109911843Intel Core i9-9920X1224
185610951Intel Core i9-11900K816
139610844Intel Core i9-10900K1020
137910791Intel Core i9-10900KF1020
115710561Intel Core i9-10900X1020
136310534Intel Core i9-10850K1020
112010248Intel Core i9-9900X1020
175910120Intel Core i9-11900KF816
111110033Intel Core i9-7900X1020
13219567Intel Core i9-109101020
13269510Intel Core i9-10900F1020
13239316Intel Core i9-109001020
17169212Intel Core i9-11900F816
13719172Intel Core i9-9900KS816
16609053Intel Core i9-11900816
13248653Intel Core i9-9900KF816
13148587Intel Core i9-9900K816
12527666Intel Core i9-9900816
12086872Intel Core i9-10885H816
11146464Intel Core i9-9980HK816
10646110Intel Core i9-9880H816
10684773Intel Core i9-8950HK612
List of Intel Core i9 processors