List of Intel Pentium processors

The Intel Pentium family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Pentium processors released to date.

List of Intel Pentium processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
9302079Intel Pentium Gold G540024
8781970Intel Pentium G462024
9041934Intel Pentium Gold G550024
8411891Intel Pentium G460024
8231848Intel Pentium G456024
8421560Intel Pentium G450022
8021490Intel Pentium G325822
4431458Intel Pentium Silver J500544
6691429Intel Pentium G4560T24
7851428Intel Pentium G440022
7491383Intel Pentium G346022
6751252Intel Pentium G342022
6771234Intel Pentium G326022
6841231Intel Pentium G4400T22
6651222Intel Pentium G325022
4251196Intel Pentium Silver N500044
5131178Intel Pentium 4415U24
5011160Intel Pentium Gold 4417U24
6321140Intel Pentium G324022
6211130Intel Pentium G322022
4701089Intel Pentium 4405U24
6121077Intel Pentium G213022
5511040Intel Pentium G3250T22
5661020Intel Pentium G212022
5511001Intel Pentium G203022
3071001Intel Pentium J420544
531994Intel Pentium G85022
542991Intel Pentium G202022
544970Intel Pentium G3240T22
516967Intel Pentium G345022
535966Intel Pentium G86022
536956Intel Pentium G87022
509946Intel Pentium 3560M22
309942Intel Pentium N420044
512941Intel Pentium G64522
517939Intel Pentium G201022
536931Intel Pentium G3220T22
520922Intel Pentium G84022
498914Intel Pentium G2030T22
485910Intel Pentium 2030M22
481867Intel Pentium G2020T22
390865Intel Pentium 3825U24
357855Intel Pentium 4415Y24
468852Intel Pentium G63022
470826Intel Pentium G64022
444810Intel Pentium 2020M22
447809Intel Pentium G62022
448801Intel Pentium G645T22
412775Intel Pentium G630T22
410747Intel Pentium B98022
398742Intel Pentium G695022
406740Intel Pentium B97022
226737Intel Pentium J371044
397724Intel Pentium 3805U22
221713Intel Pentium N354044
361705Intel Pentium G640T22
366691Intel Pentium 3556U22
218690Intel Pentium N353044
203682Intel Pentium A102044
377676Intel Pentium E670022
213675Intel Pentium N370044
373669Intel Pentium B96022
208667Intel Pentium N352044
357666Intel Pentium 2127U22
361654Intel Pentium B95022
368653Intel Pentium E580022
371630Intel Pentium E660022
335622Intel Pentium 2117U22
343617Intel Pentium B94022
354604Intel Pentium E650022
343603Intel Pentium E570022
345576Intel Pentium E630022
151571Intel Pentium N351044
318561Intel Pentium E540022
310550Intel Pentium E520022
311549Intel Pentium P620022
311547Intel Pentium E530022
322540Intel Pentium E550022
291526Intel Pentium P610022
279498Intel Pentium P600022
275496Intel Pentium E222022
273488Intel Pentium 99722
265469Intel Pentium T440022
261464Intel Pentium T450022
256450Intel Pentium T430022
235428Intel Pentium T340022
243412Intel Pentium T420022
211410Intel Pentium 96722
235409Intel Pentium 98722
236407Intel Pentium E218022
237400Intel Pentium E220022
199387Intel Pentium T320022
213386Intel Pentium D 945/95022
197378Intel Pentium T237022
211370Intel Pentium E216022
192349Intel Pentium D 830/925/93022
198344Intel Pentium E214022
194343Intel Pentium D 820/915/92022
190323Intel Pentium T231022
177323Intel Pentium SU410022
191308Intel Pentium T239022
149232Intel Pentium 4 550/55112
190225Intel Pentium 4 531/63012
List of Intel Pentium processors