List of Intel Xeon X processors

The Intel Xeon X family of processors is a CPU family from Intel. We have compiled specifications and performance tests (benchmarks) of Intel Xeon X processors released to date.

List of Intel Xeon X processors
Single-Core ScoreMulti-Core ScoreNameCoresThreads
6303595Intel Xeon X5690612
6163369Intel Xeon X5680612
5563238Intel Xeon X5670612
5693214Intel Xeon X5675612
5083102Intel Xeon X5650612
5372963Intel Xeon X5660612
6352737Intel Xeon X567748
5432659Intel Xeon X557048
4962426Intel Xeon X555048
5011946Intel Xeon X346048
4591895Intel Xeon X556048
4831845Intel Xeon X345048
4501815Intel Xeon X344048
4451429Intel Xeon X337044
4221412Intel Xeon X343044
4351358Intel Xeon X546044
4341355Intel Xeon X548244
4191330Intel Xeon X336044
4201322Intel Xeon X545044
3391062Intel Xeon X322044
3421056Intel Xeon X535544
List of Intel Xeon X processors